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Welcome to McFTs Intern Page, where we give opportunities to students all around the world to get hands on experience in the fast passed working environment.

Our interns don’t make the coffees, they are given projects which are used within the business and have a direct impact on our organisation. They are welcomed and treated like everyone else and McFT is really a company where everyone will know your name.

Our interns are supported and mentored by their department leaders, making sure as well as helping the company we are helping develop them aswell. This is an important part of the McFT nature as we want to help people grow in their respective fields.

Cinque Terre

"Waking up early for work may seem daunting but I find myself excited to get to the office everyone morning. I was taught very quick how to use the systems and have been assigned hands on tasks which directly affect the businesses performance.

I work in a team which has a great atmosphere and I felt accepted and a part of the team instantly. Being an international student I was worried about fitting in a UK company but McFT has accepted me with open arms! This doesn't just apply to my department; I have found my self-building good relationships throughout the company. Even when I struggle with tasks everyone is willing to help, from my department leaders to the managing director, there is no feel of hierarchy but an atmosphere of equality.

I have received so much more real world experiences of working in a SME than I could have ever imagined as a intern, I am glad I applied for the position as it has been a great experience so far!"

Cinque Terre

Andrew Ng

Accounting Intern

This is a relatively new facet of our business – and tremendously exciting!

Whilst we’ve had university students doing summer jobs – and very useful projects – for a long time, we’ve only properly developed this area – and taken on graduates full-time, in the last few years.

It’s a fact, that most graduates will end up working in SME’s – but to see the career paths plotted out and the milk-rounds by the big employers, you’d never have guessed it! We believe this is a really interesting, engaging, rewarding place to work – where you can get involved and make a real difference and we will make sure that we offer structured, challenging, mentored environment – where you will be encouraged to go as fast and as far as you sensibly can. And, if holiday jobs and placements turn into long-term careers, fantastic!

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Interns - International

We have a number of exciting opportunities for students to join McFT at our office based in Maidenhead, Berkshire in...


Interns - Head Office

We have a number of exciting opportunities for students to join McFT at our office based in Maidenhead, Berkshire.


"Throughout my time with McFT, I have been consistently challenged - whether that be during my summer internship or now working in Operations - responsible for a team of engineers and customer sites. This has earned me a fast-track development program" - Adam O'Sullivan, Management Development Program, McFT

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