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Welcome to McFT engineers page, where you can explore our team of engineers.

Our teams work well together to provide an excellent and efficient service, with a highly experienced internal technical support network. The safety of engineers is our key focus here at McFT making sure we provide extensive risk assessment training and measurements when on the field. Also all of our engineers, weather a trainee or a senior engineer are treated the same, receiving up to date training allowing continuous development.

No two days are the same for engineers at McFT as we work with huge range of establishments. This allows engineers to build great relationships with customers they attend to regularly and learn the nature of that environment. This is what makes us different, we encourage our engineers to have a relationship with our customers and not to just turn up and do a job. Engineers also have a great insight to all departments within the company, being able to understand the work which is undertaken by departments.

Cinque Terre

"I was taken on by McFT as a trainee, they have really gone the extra mile in ensuring I am trained to the best standard. I shadow a number of very experienced and talented engineers which make sure I’m learning as we go along, they don’t just tuck their head away and do the work. I also am regularly sent on external training courses from manufacture training to getting my 17th edition. Small things make a difference; like the fact I was given a reliable van with a good radio. I plan to stick around – I’m happy here."

Cinque Terre

Ellen Flower

Improver Engineer

"As a senior engineer I am thrilled to have the opportunity to coach and help develop the new trainees we get on board. I am extremely proud to work for McFT as there is no better feeling than walking onto a site knowing with that badge on your chest, people trust you to do a good job. McFT helped me achieve my Eng Tech status which is a wonderful achievement, I couldn’t do it without the support of the team surrounding me!"

Cinque Terre

Nigel Gardiner

Senior Engineer

"I have developed through my career with McFT from a trainee developing to now a team leader. Working here was simply the best decision I had made as they really do concentrate on their people, helping me develop into the engineer I am today. Even as a team leader I am sent out on training courses to keep us all up to scratch, gaining my ILM. We’re just ordinary people but an extraordinary team."

Cinque Terre

Stuart Ford

Engineers Team Leader

Career Development

Given the lack of nicely packaged and off the shelf career development programmes, we therefore have our own technician and engineer career development pathways and training programmes to help people get there. It starts at the recruitment stage where we believe having the right attitude, commercial awareness and customer focus is as important as the aptitude for diagnosing complex faults and completing works that set the standard in our field. This means the entry routes for aspiring technicians are broad, and if the aptitude or prior experience for our kind of work may be demonstrated along with the right commercial skills, then a career within McFT could be for you.

We have a great track record of taking hard-working, committed beginners, providing training both off-site and on-the-job, qualifications – yes, classrooms and exams – and turning out happy, productive – and high-earning individuals.

This is not an overnight process – there is a huge range of knowledge to acquire – and a multitude of complex situations to apply it in. But the job satisfaction and the rewards are outstanding.

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