Career Development

No one has a crystal ball of what the future will look like in 20 years time – but one thing is for sure:

Life, the business environment, work itself – will have evolved

Standing still is the route to extinction – as a business but also as individuals - and change brings pressure: if the Change Curve is a sine wave, we need to damp the oscillations – and the way to do that is to provide true, adaptable life skills – based on individuals embracing Relentless Curiousity!

Then, as a joint venture, we will do all we can to provide our People with the means to fulfilment and advancement – and in tough times, survival.

We recognise that not all want to follow Dr Livingstone to the source of the Nile – and we’re happy to have loyal, hard-working contributors. And for those who do want to pull up trees, we aim to provide the tools (see Development)– and the opportunities. Click on the following links to see Career Opportunities in the UK and Abroad



We have a great track record of taking hard-working, committed beginners, providing training both off-site and on-the-job, qualifications – yes, classrooms and exams – and turning out happy, productive – and high-earning individuals.

This is not an overnight process – there is a huge range of knowledge to acquire – and a multitude of complex situations to apply it in. But the job satisfaction and the rewards are outstanding.

Office Front Line

Whilst our business is ostensibly about the road-warriors who deliver results out on the road, the reality is that nothing happens without a really plugged-in back-office. In fact, if you talk to customers in this industry, if they have complaints, it’s about communication and speed of response from the office (going back with quotes, advising when technicians will attend).

Delivered in the first instance by the wizards of the Service Desk – (calm under pressure, lightning quick, bleed when our customers bleed, great with detail) and when it comes to career opportunities – we have some lifers who love the job, the technicians, the customers - and then we have others who’ve moved on to run operations in the Middle East...

And the office front line (the Service Desk and Procurement) has an equally critical

Support Network

Accounts (where you might start off collecting money and progress to producing financial reports for a division),

Management Accounts (all the analysis of what goes on in the business) or

HR & Development - the sort of stuff we’re talking about here – finding, attracting, growing and retaining really good people – with development assistance for a huge range of roles.

Graduates and Interns

This is a relatively new facet of our business – and tremendously exciting!

Whilst we’ve had university students doing summer jobs – and very useful projects – for a long time, we’ve only properly developed this area – and taken on graduates full-time, in the last few years.

It’s a fact, that most graduates will end up working in SME’s – but to see the career paths plotted out and the milk-rounds by the big employers, you’d never have guessed it! We believe this is a really interesting, engaging, rewarding place to work – where you can get involved and make a real difference and we will make sure that we offer structured, challenging, mentored environment – where you will be encouraged to go as fast and as far as you sensibly can. And, if holiday jobs and placements turn into long-term careers, fantastic!


The core of this business is the culture and the drive delivered by management. We have an exceptional team of deeply committed individuals – energised by the opportunities for the business – for personal development and fulfilment as well as for the business potential

Not the right place to be setting out our strategic plans – but very happy to talk to prospective colleagues – at the right time and place. (and we make a point in all our interviews of giving space for colleagues to talk to each other – before any final appointments are offered there has to be a Team Commitment Dinner !)


This is still new – very exciting and with lots of possibilities – both in the immediate and for the future. We have established links with European, US and Global educational and trade associations with a view to understanding our Global customer’s perspectives - and affording opportunities for exchanges, placements, the exchange of ideas - and guest lectures.

And we are actively exploring growth opportunities in the Gulf as well as Europe and North America. Watch this space...

"I would like to pass on some good feedback regarding McFarlane’s: they were very informative and very friendly and carried out the most intensive service of our equipment that I have seen since being here - we've not had good service like this before!" - Tom Bonner, GM Eurest

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