Our particular interest in making sure we are really good at People started over a decade ago – and, having long ago known of Maslow, Herzberg and McGregor (great academic stuff but how is it actually delivered in the workplace?), we came across Dan Goleman and Emotional Intelligence – and a light came on! We (Jacqueline and Chris) ran five sessions covering the various aspects and the effect on all of us – and the ability of the business to communicate honestly – was transformational.

We keep revisiting it – and adding in other stuff (Locus of Control anyone?) – and working to make sure that, internally and externally, we understand each other, we support each other – and we enjoy working with each other.

Which is not to say that this is a soft place to work – we have chosen to match ourselves to global organisations – with high expectations and the choice of service providers – we will only grow that business if we are constantly striving to be the best.

What we have found is that people like working in this environment – they want to be challenged to perform – and they particularly want to work alongside colleagues who share the same values.

Shingo & EFQM

More recently, we have been energised to find globally respected business models which place the culture of a business at the foundation of any success : culture breeds behaviours which deliver success.


"Team leaders support the development of their people and the achievements of objectives and feedback on site and the recent Staff Survey suggests that staff are very satisfied with this support." - D & D, EFQM Assessment

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