Sustainability is a bit of a buzzword – are you doing it? Do you know what it means? Does it all disappear when budgets get tough? Is it all just green-wash?

ISO 26000 – the global standard – talks about various elements – including labour practices and consumer rights – but the bits which are of most interest here (having given up employing children as chimney-sweeps some years ago – did we mention the Living Wage?) are the Environment and the Community – in short, are we Good Citizens?


We do what we can in the work place – to control emissions, limit energy use, limit and segregate waste – and account for it properly (from WEEE to refrigerant gases) but at the end of the day, we unavoidably run around in vans…

So we plant trees – to try and capture the carbon we emit. For some years now, we’ve been supporters of the Heart of England Forest ; each year we tally up our emissions – including commuting and air flights as well as office output – and work out – on Carbon Trust guidelines – how much carbon that represents and how many trees need to be planted – the Forest tells us how much that will cost – and we ask them to plant on our behalf

Real Green, No Wash.


We have engaged in the community over the years – in all sorts of ways – from fundraising through running, cycling and walking – and more extreme stuff like the Wight Challenge or Three Peaks

  •   Movember
  •   Palace to Palace
  •   Surrey 3 Peaks

Our favourite is to get involved in commercial catering projects – where we can leverage our contacts in the industry to help provide kitchen environments which otherwise might be beyond the reach of worthy causes – the best aspect of which is the team giving up their time to help with the installations

  • Smarden Village Hall
  • Kids Company
  • Aldershot Mencap
  • Beehive Pre-School
  • BCA 

And in 2014, we started our one mini-mission – to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer – and the need for men to get themselves checked over, especially from the age of 50 – thus MOT@50

"Throughout my time with McFT, I have been consistently challenged - whether that be during my summer internship or now working in Operations - responsible for a team of engineers and customer sites. This has earned me a fast-track development program" - Adam O'Sullivan, Management Development Program, McFT

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