Team Communications

One of the corner stones of our business: we are especially conscious of the fact that our technicians are out working solo, sure keeping in touch on the phone ands social media etc but not rubbing shoulders with each other and "belonging" to an enterprise.

So we instituted the Comms (Communications) Meetings: once a month, everyone comes in for a group huddle. When the business was smaller, we could get everyone together – now it’s the whole company every quarter – and team meetings every month.

What do we do?

Well, for a start we share performance figures – not just the overall figures but we also have good visibility of team and individual figures. We’re not aiming to shoot or shout at people – but we do find that the right individuals respond positively to clear visibility of how they’re doing.

And we’ll have updates from Sales on latest wins & losses, complaints & praise; feedback from Operations on particular issues of housekeeping this month; feedback on Compliance – updates on accreditations, accident and fleet reports

And there’s always a section on Health and Safety – compiled and delivered by Chris. We may have a presentation from a manufacturer or supplier – to brief the whole team on what’s going on in the industry.                         

And then we’ll have some special theme – it might be a guest speaker – on anything from Safety to Psychology – from a fatal accident to winning Olympic medals.

These meetings are the key opportunity to bond, exchange information – and come away re-charged!

"it was welcome news to me that Chris was in this afternoon, I was impressed with him  when he was with us last time." - Hannah at Founder's Hall

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