Career Development

We offer careers, not jobs, and this means broad and challenging career paths for each of the roles within McFT. For a small company with big ambitions, we have an impressive array of roles and opportunities to aspire, develop and give people the confidence that they can achieve great things. And the following comment from Paul, our Technical Lead Engineer: “I never thought I would be travelling to Dubai on a monthly basis to develop technicians when I started out with McFT 10 years ago” says it all!

We work in an industry where career development cannot be bought off the shelf, nicely packaged and ready to go. We have developed our own training programmes for the different roles across McFT. Each programme includes the following must haves:

And each are rigorous in their assessment, recognised externally and tailored to individual development plans.

These are then used as a basis for inductions and personal development plans tailoring to suit experience, existing skills and backed up external training and a broad range of CPD. We also enable people to flex their career path which could mean specialising into coaching less experienced people, transitioning between field and office or setting sights on a management path.

No one has a crystal ball of what the future will look like in 20 years time – but one thing is for sure: life, the business environment, work itself – will have evolved

Standing still is the route to extinction – as a business but also as individuals - and change brings pressure: if the Change Curve is a sine wave, we need to damp the oscillations – and the way to do that is to provide true, adaptable life skills – based on individuals embracing Relentless Curiousity! Then, as a joint venture, we will do all we can to provide our People with the means to fulfilment and advancement – and in tough times, survival. We recognise that not all want to follow Dr Livingstone to the source of the Nile – and we’re happy to have loyal, hard-working contributors. And for those who do want to pull up trees, we aim to provide the tools – and the opportunities.

"I write to you to congratulate you on having an excellent team member in Chris Pike, an engineer who came to sort out a few difficult problems. He is very pleasant, cheerful and best of all does a great job and is very competent." - Jean Foley, St-Johns School, Northwood

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