Interns & Placements

We have a constantly evolving series of challenges – which need the application of bright minds and hard work. To that end, we look for university students to help us during either vacations or formal placements.
With that in mind – and our broad stakeholder perspective, we have made approaches not only to UK Universities but to European and North American universities – looking to take on students for placements for periods of 3 months to a year.
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Emin Kaya
Chemical Engineering
Aston University

Evi Van Bon 
International Real Estate & Facilities Management
NHTV University Breda


Example Projects

  • Market research
  • Service and product development
  • IT and customer experience 


This is an open plan office – where you can hear and observe what’s happening through the day. Great from the point of view of seeing how the whole business works – but does need discipline to stay focused on the task in hand –and awareness of the need to give space for others to get on with their jobs!


Students will be tasked and be accountable to a senior manager, will be buddied with a contemporary whose been in the business for a while – and will have a clear program – both of induction/onboarding and then of the project requirement.

There will, of course, be time for the students own academic project and reports – and we welcome visits and communication from supervising tutors.

In return

In line with our commitment to the Living Wage Foundation, we offer a very favourable rate of pay, assistance with finding accommodation – and help with travel and other arrangements.

We hope you will have seen from this website that we are a buzzy, social, active (did we mention hard-working?) sort of place ; we hope, during your time, you will take part in the long walk, long ride, evening social event or multi-activity challenge which is being held at the time – we need high performing athletes to balance some of the couch potatoes!

And, by the way, if any of our college or university partners would like guest lectures on our niche field, we’d be very willing to send ambassadors to spread the word!

Joining our Team

Please contact in the first instance to find out more.

"Dear Robert,   Many thanks for your support – Andy has been great this year and backed up by the Fabulous Sue!!" - Mike Kitley, Service & Energy Manager, Winchester College

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