Why the interest in People?

Our ambition is to work for top clients and therefore our people must reflect this ambition.  We want to attract, retain and engage the best people in our field and this includes providing them with the opportunity to develop themselves and their career.   

There are four factors which influence our people emphasis:

  • Inherently stressed workplace of our clients (equipment breaking down)
  • Our workplaces are not our own but that of our customers
  • No formal training programmes or recognised qualification exist for our industry
  • Customer satisfaction relies on the emphasis of one individual and that one individual to do the right thing


Our competence triangle ensures that development rests on not one but three angles, and our development programmes ensure these are combined to make the “whole” McFT person.

  • Technical: all must have the knowledge and competence to do their job, whether an accountant, an engineer, team leader or customer service co-ordinator
  • Commercial: considering customer expectations as part of our actions which includes lean processes, fast response, competitive pricing, safe working and industry knowledge
  • People: highly skilled and empathetic people enable people to respect and value colleagues and customers. We work together as team, supporting, coaching and mentoring.

Induction & on boarding

Joining a new company is usually a daunting process, different culture and people to add to the mix of the job role and customers.  We aim to make this as welcoming as possible, trying to balance the need to absorb information along with the need to pick up the less tangible messages of who we are.  The induction period generally spans a month, with the initial days focussed around collecting information and getting to know your new colleagues.  Learning by doing is we find the most appropriate way to fully appreciate the job and this will include shadowing your buddy and being able to touch base with them as needed.  

Once you have had some time in your new role, other parts of the induction will kick in so we don’t bombard you with too much information too soon.  We also want it to be a two way process so giving you the time and opportunity to find out what you don’t know means you will have a better opportunity to ask questions and therefore test your understanding.

Towards the end of your first month, your induction programme will be fully reviewed with the aim of signing it off, identifying any resulting development opportunities reflected into your own development plan. 

"Challenging and rewarding to be part of such an enthusiastic and supportive team, giving me the chance to develop as an individual from the only refrigeration engineer, developing the team and now working closely with the whole operation, here and abroad" - Mark Hockley, Lead Engineer, McFT

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