We pride ourselves with giving people the opportunities to develop a career with McFT, be that down a technical route (as an engineer or accountant) or a leadership / management route.  We have development plans to suit all roles and trainees coming into our business will be supported through a two year development programme. 

Each programme covers technical skills and competence & commercial and communication skills; the McFT person cannot have one without the other.

In fact we are proud of the way we recruit trainees and develop them to become McFT engineers.  In the absence of any industry specific apprenticeship, we pride ourselves in offering similar opportunities and as such, our membership of the 5% Club demonstrates we recognise how important this investment is to our future workforce.



It is a conscious choice of McFT to ensure all our engineers are trained in the areas they work, be it gas, electric, refrigerant or water.  We also encourage manufacturer training to reflect individual engineer’s client sites and health and safety as a given during their initial months with us.











Our training programmes include a mixture of internal on the job learning (coached by a buddy) and external training offered by one of our trusted providers. We offer three engineer programmes to distinguish between individual areas: refrigeration, gas catering and electrical catering. Once progress has been made through year one, some cross over is encouraged to enable a broader range of skills for each of our engineers.

Office based

Our office based roles include the Service Desk, Accounts, IT and each have a similar programme to offer new trainees into our business.  In a similar way to the engineer programmes, the programmes are staged to provide manageable progress.  Much of it is internally based but we do support and encourage a balance with external courses and qualifications where appropriate.

Leadership and Management

People who aspire to going down a management route, will be supported through this and given opportunities to develop these skills.  If an opportunity arises and a deputy team leader role is offered, we provide a similar programme of development to broaden awareness and understanding of what it means to motivate and lead a team of people.  A range of subjects are covered depending on existing experience; development of these new skills and ways of thinking is either provided collectively or on an individual basic through coaching and mentoring.  Monthly team leader meetings also form a vital part of the training as well as external providers to support individual learning.

A leadership role within McFT needs to demonstrate the right:


  • Natural leader (right behaviour, role model)
  • Effective communicator (customers & colleagues)
  • Ability to coach / mentor others in team


  • Seeks responsibility above & beyond current role
  • Personal career ambitions, pushes own development
  • See solutions, not problems 


  • Commercial & business knowledge
  • McFT industry (catering, FM)

Your performance as a leader will be based around your ability to:

  • lead a high performing team
  • develop individuals to reach their potential
  • drive business vision and strategy
  • deliver a quality service
  • own and solve problems
  • act as a team player
  • be committed to own learning and development


The onus to progress is very much on each person to own their development, be in charge of their progress, make the most of opportunities to learn from different people and situations, raise questions to test and embed their understanding.  That said, they are fully supported throughout by their team leader and our People Development Manager with regularly one to ones and more formal quarterly reviews to sign of stages and plan progress for the next stage.  


"Thanks to your boys - so responsive " - David Allen, Facilities Manager - Ark John Keats Academy

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