Tuesday 18 April 2017

Dishwasher training in the sun

Chris Pyle , one of a couple of dishwasher specilists in the business – with manufacturer technician time at both Hobart and Meiko, has held a number of additional dishwasher master-classes for our trainees and improvers. With the sun shining, his latest group of students were given the opportunity to undertake the session outside.

“Ive never felt like I had been taught properly, untill I joined McFT, with great mentors which explain indepth how something works. This sessions was a great example of this as now I am a lot more confident with a dishwasher and feel like has helped me develop my knowledge.” – Nathan Vitellaro – Improver


At McFT we concentrate heavily on training of our engineers, making sure they are all up to the standards we set. Providing regular training sessions and planned refresher manufacture training sessions. 

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"I am pleased to say what a fantastic job your engineer Adam has done; from taking onboard our concerns to taking personal responsibility to ensure works were completed to our satisfaction" - Graham Queripel, Oracle Reading, Senior Engineer

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