Wednesday 5 April 2017

An insight into life as a trainee at McFT

We sent Jane Brocklebank off to a client site to go and see some of the training in action. On this particular site, there are many hospitality kitchens, which provides a fantastic opportunity for all the trainees to get stuck in and practise inspecting, dismantling and servicing various items of equipment, from small handheld electrical devices to large and complex ovens, dishwashers etc. All this of course is done under the watchful eye of senior engineers and trainers.

It has the added benefit for the client of having all of their equipment thoroughly checked several times.

Jane found a group of 3 engineers that were focusing on ovens in one of the kitchens. They were carefully taking a Lincat boiler apart with technical training lead, Paul Brooker looking on and guiding them.

Technical lead Paul Brooker explained:

“It’s all about teaching and reinforcing good health and safety practices. In instances like this, it’s vital to turn off the power at the wall, and empty out any water. Reaching over and accidentally leaning on the lever could result in boiling water all over an engineer’s feet. Over and over, I ask them to check everything before picking up any tools. Sometimes I will try and catch them out by switching the power back on when they’re not looking.

Over time, we work our way round the equipment, starting with small devices like stick blenders, and moving onto more complex food processors before tackling the big stuff like ovens.”

The other 3 engineers were on another floor, each with their head in a fridge. After spending the morning in the classroom, learning the theory of what they were about to tackle, they now had the opportunity to get stuck in and put it into practice.

Matt Alderton said:

“They do a variety of tasks, from fitting basic parts like fan motors and doors on broken fridges, to working on live kitchens that are in use. Some have known faults, others may have some surprises that we have set up for them to find!”

Each of the trainees has a different background including a roadworker, a French polisher, a customer service co-ordinator, a tyre fitters. All they now need is a willingness to learn, and the right attitude.

Jane said:

I was impressed with how each engineer had their manual with them, showing what parts of their training they had completed, and which items they had worked on. It’s very methodical and clear what they are achieving. It’s also really nice to see how the senior engineers guide and coach them through the tasks – not just telling them what to do, but making them think for themselves.


Trainee engineer Ben heard about the training programme through a friend who already worked at McFT. He said:

I was working at a removal company before, but my friend suggested looking at re-training at McFT. This programme is really helpful, and it’s great to work for a company that is prepared to invest time and money in my development.

"Zak came out to Merrist Wood today and sorted out 3 issues in the Courtyard. He was extremely polite, helpful and efficient with a great customer service attitude, we would be happy to see him again! " - Sandra Searle, Facilities Customer Services Manager, Merrist Wood

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